LIVE Workshops for the Health Conscience:

Most Webinars Will Dissolve in Comparison to the Right People Who Meet & Greet (in-person)

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers (of Northcentral West Virginia) is a physical therapy franchise providing patients with better wellness programs and clinical care.

The Challenge

Filling a local event and encouraging the community to get more involved through "in-person" activities requires a larger commitment because most of us are peddling the off-peak business hours in La-Z-Boy mode. Getting attendees to walk through "physical" doors to create a more effective energy and learning experience can have enormous planning costs and hamper one's time even more.

the solution

Creating a desired outcome and bringing a transformative experience to life by pre-framing the conversation using modern-day technology. Addressing a series of touch points and have the audience focus on value instead of wigging out on their existing lower back pain and sciatica. In addition, FYZICAL's singular vision would become a repeat cognitive practice in memorization to improve self-care and paint a more positive "pain-free" lifestyle for its intended target audience.
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landing page

ClickFunnel's funnel-building software creates high-converting landing pages despite the annoyance of technical bugs

Our team determined that a new redesign and copy rewrite would be the best way to offset the costs for placing paid Facebook Ads featuring Fyzical's LIVE workshop dates. I wanted to bring a mixture of painful moments that are "true" reminders of how important the human body and our health is in how we adapt and live in-the-moment. 
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I used Fyzical's existing testimonials from their own website to illustrate how a timeline of situational events happening might make the audience more self-aware for accepting lower back pain in the present moment. 

Use multiple bullet points in your copy that keeps the audience alert and shopping 

Single-handedly, bullet points make your copy easier to read. But, that only takes care of the formatting and spacing. The "Magic" bullet point is often used to stack up the benefits and get readers to imagine themselves enjoying the experience that a product or service can offer them in exchange for money.
The first set of bullet points I elected to write for FYZICAL's landing page were designed to open a loop in the mind of the viewer that revealed a lifestyle with pain attached to it. The second set of bullet points were more about coping with everyday body mechanics and how real circumstances can have a debilitating effect on strengthening one's health. 
FYZICAL landing page design and copy template

eventbrite listing

An "effortless" event management system that especially caters to organizations that put on free events with limited seating

Our funnel strategist wanted to set up Eventbrite as part of our email strategy to bring the workshops to life. And because Eventbrite has built-in programming, it made sense to utilize their platform to quickly and easily schedule upcoming events on autopilot without altering the budget.    
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Core exercise: to create a live experience and connect with your audience through progression starts with setting expectations early on 

You can have all the organization and preparation in the world, but I believe the heart of consumer direction and execution stems from how we want people to identify with our product or service. Setting expectations leaves no excuses to how a relationship forms into a strong bond over time.
I'm not sure what the gold standard is for putting together the winning copy for an Eventbrite page, but I will say this again and again:
Repetition is an exercise in memorization. 
I believe I discovered how important this message is as a copywriter by following the works of Amazon Bestselling author, Donald Miller, the owner/founder of StoryBrand.
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facebook ads

There's a massive opportunity placing Facebook Ads, but you have to respect the rules of the advertising game and be ready to write with max compliance

Original copy? There's not enough of it. Now, tack on systematic algorithms and add the rules of engagement to get your ads seen and clicked on. Advertisers of hired digital marketers will often complain that their ads are continuing to be flagged for breaking Facebook's Compliance Rules.

Most Facebook Ads are just that: They sound like an ad and they read like the typical ad.

This alone will hurt your conversions. As lead copywriter, it was my job and my responsibility to do our client's advertising budget justice. I can only speak about the specifics of what happened during our first few ad runs. And unfortunately, our team ran into some frustrating delays with setting up our client's ad manager early on, so the overall results in question will have to be subjective. It's just not worth sharing the reports.
In any case, the first three ads I wrote followed different frameworks that you can model and test for yourself should you ever decide to run your own ads. My investment (studied from expert marketer Peng Joon) is your investment. See if you can dissect my originality and make them your own to increase your conversions.
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email welcome-series

A buyer-focused landing page will often get lost - Your audience is very smart and can easily decide if an email is SPAM or unworthy of being opened

The goal for part of FYZICAL's Workshop marketing campaign was to incorporate an email "welcome" series that would help new subscribers that came from the ClickFunnel's landing page get started and already engage the audience towards success. Together with some friendly open loops and cliffhangers to offer suspense, I had decided that one email would set this campaign apart from the rest. In trust, every product or service you offer to a new customer should start with an email engagement welcome-series:
*Note:  I don't have full display rights and the copyrights to legally show you the original emails that I wrote for this part of the project. With that said, I've decided to swap another project in its place that you will still be able to download and dissect the elements from. EXTENSIVE VALUE (my treat). 
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The Expectation Email: How important is it when creating your welcome-series?

It's a reusable asset that works great when you want to introduce a new product or service or maybe an additional software upgrade that requires more documentation to help users show off its true value. This email is great for setting the stage and/or expectations when you launch something new, like a LIVE Workshop or group coaching program. I've included this template as a separate download below:
download expectation email template
This is WAY overdo thank you for this! I don't think I ever replied since I've been in the midst of creating a lot of material. This is wonderful template and is much appreciated and of course well written!! I hope you’re well and thank you again!

Carla A. - Functional Medicine Practitioner / Health Coach
WELL Humans
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