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The PWA Program Shows Newbie Affiliate Marketers How to Build a Successful Online Business in 60 Steps

The Partner with Anthony Program is a "Done for You" product-centric recurring income-generating business model that gives PWA students exclusive rights to promote other products owned by Morrison Publishing.

The Challenge

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or have promoted other products before, getting someone to buy products through your affiliate link to earn commissions takes time, multiple market testing and strategy. The start-up costs can add up quickly before you begin to see any profits.

the solution

A product or service that comes with its own marketing tools and templates (sales pages, cross sells, upsells, downsells, etc.) or an entire market funnel and strategy where all the work has been tested and already done for you.
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$250 Contest: Create your own version of the most profitable method online and turn your copy into a lead magnet 

I'm not sure how I feel about the affiliate marketing model. But, I do believe a high quality product that can drastically change a customer's perception and outcome is important. And companies (just like myself) would be doing a huge disservice if we don't share the right offers. Besides, learning how to set up affiliate offers and tracking codes is a great way to test your sales copy. Let's move on...
Periodically, the Morrison Team will have contests and pay students for their work as a way to split-test their marketing and distribute the best material to the entire member's community.
With ten custom reports already submitted and read, I almost won but pulled out of the running last-minute. I have NO regrets. Why?

20,000-plus members and only a handful were selected - Deadlines were missed and a week extension lead to my fate

In the end, I didn't want my hard work and research to go to waste and lose the ability to share this with as many people as possible. Thus, I decided that my short report was not for sale. The Most Profitable Method Online is another look at the make money online niche. And it's ONLY available for download here.  
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email welcome-series

Most emails can be written with ease. But when it comes to sequences..? That's an entirely different game and set of rules

Anybody can draft an email with a personal story that is attached to his/her target audience. Also, anybody can craft and send relevant information that helps build a stronger connection to subscribers through your brand. Starting with a problem, introducing value in the form of a solution, and adding a specific call-to-action is a great place to start to welcome your subscribers.

An email sequence that focuses on relationship building and providing value leads to higher conversions overall  

People who become the center of attention are more likely to make their own self-discoveries and quantify their value based on a series of different touch points. A carefully crafted and structured set of emails can get you to the sale without even forcing the hidden transaction.
I'm learning so much about the structure of an email sequence. What warms people up and grabs their attention? Initially, we don't know, which is why we test and measure the results of a campaign, as well as, collect feedback to get similar or much better conversion rates.  
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