Hi there. I'm JJ Hiller.

 I'm Here to Help You Cultivate a "Larger than Life" Image So Your Viewers Will Forever Be Linked to Your Voice/Message

My ONLY ambition is to deliver content that gives your audience a sense of direction and partnership with your brand - to increase your earning potential by at least 10% every year

Events Don't Exist or Happen Without an Established Process... 

I believe most web properties that house a brand's assets have a limited shelf life that can lead to expensive marketing drawbacks. When choosing a marketing strategy you need a singular vision and a simple process laid out for each traffic source to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
In order to improve your own foundational branding assets (website(s), email marketing campaigns, and/or published blog posts, etc.) and cultivate a "larger than life" image for your audience, you need to lead with an established process.
The process I developed has four parts Value, Structure, Sequence, and Message... But, fail to apply the right market-user research and consumer-based psychology and you could be stuck with a campaign that goes almost nowhere.  
But for now, just take inventory of this.

Who is JJ Hiller?

What Separates Him from Other Freelancers, Team-Oriented Pros, & Agencies that Also Serve Clients in the Digital Marketing & Sales Advertising Space?

"Over the years, I've come to realize that repeat business and growth NO longer requires a large infrastructure and investment capital to grow and serve more customers. Your competition knows this and will do anything to keep you from taking over a large piece of the marketplace pie.

As modern technology and paid (social) advertising continues to expand your company or brand's possibilities, the journey for unexpected cash flow fluctuations will become far less vulnerable to economic changes.

All in all, your earning potential should increase by at least 10% every year, leading to faster results and closing more sales without the fixed administrative and manufacturing overhead costs that can get in the way of your next product or delivery dates(s) or results."

The above quote and statement has become such a larger part of my grinding personality and DNA framework for vastly modifying (from other industry leaders) the types of services that I'm suited to deliver with the best possible return on investment.

A Generalist Has its Perks Over Choosing a Specialty Niche Market

"Wearing a lot of industry hats and working with multiple content types allows me to remain flexible in most niches. In order to grow and scale, you need to show variety."

I have a ten-plus year background in restaurant management and customer service that is largely responsible for handling objections, irate customers, managing small teams, and bringing in more repeat business. I've had the luxury of catering to popular brands like Harley Davidson and Wells Fargo Bank.

I'm trained in discipline and leadership as a former Sergeant in the US Army and Wisconsin National Guard. I have a strong work ethic that predates my college days building a racetrack from three fully stocked semi trucks full of used tires. And I'm an active listener capable of independent action with the ability to also follow orders and creative direction.

In the five-plus years I spent transforming content (web pages, email campaigns, social ads, and brand market strategy) into value-added conversations/conversions, I've been able to connect with other small business owners to eliminate theory by moving straight into real-world applications and scenarios.

I have a strong grasp of the marketplace and I'm proficient at market-user research. I'm active in design, redesign, sales and marketing copy, advertising, search engine optimization, and social media.

I'm determined to stretch your marketing budget and minimize costs, raise the level of awareness and consumer attention, and build story-driven product experiences using your brand's voice and singular vision.

Working with ME

On a Project Will Redefine the Meaning of the Word "Loyalty" 

Once a soldier; ALWAYS a soldier. After an eight-year military enlistment and Honorable Discharge, not much has changed. I will protect your brand's assets at all costs - For the life of the business - All you have to do is reach out and take my hand.

Need to earn my trust? My portfolio is your opportunity to invest in some initial trust where I deliver value and demonstrate authenticity. My intention is to NEVER claim expertise and only crowd you with "incomparable" experiences from real-world application, testing, and execution.

view my work

I do all this...

Because I'm sick and tired of seeing "so-called" agency-like experts care more about getting paid and less about providing actual value (the right value) and results that can be measured over time to greatly increase your sales conversions.

I don't know about you but...

I'm tired of a blank canvas of possibilities, unformulated solutions, and underdeveloped stories that desire your brand's attention and the same opportunities to connect to a wider audience.

As I advance my training and develop better systems to phase out a lot of unnecessary marketing costs - I hope you'll one day join me on this never ending "What If" expedition into your brand's unearned growth and income potential.

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