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Promoters Regain Control of Their Health But Struggle to Feed Off of the Keto Craze  

Keto Tryouts is a start-up concept and lead generation framework that disparages network marketing and social cross-recruiting when it comes to boosting packaged product sales and promoting a healthy community lifestyle.    

The Challenge

Most network marketers, community-based promoters, and social blogs in the keto space have no other systems in place other than what's included with their membership to drive product sales. Network marketing is trying to optimize both health and sales through social media platforms. Unfortunately, people hate to be sold on social media; therein lies the obvious obstacle in the way.

the solution

Our direct and indirect competition can give us great market insight into how sites like Diet DoctorPerfect Keto, and Bulletproof  are dominating in their respective categories. I took this approach to design a functional landing page and lead generation PDF that is "incomparable" in how it is presented and delivered so it doesn't have to compete with anybody. 
Keto Tryouts logo

landing page

90%+ of the websites you visit should replace their home pages with a high-converting Landing Page (I can explain)

The Keto Tryouts Landing Page is an original design that was inspired by a former classmate of mine; and it just so happens he's also a keto promoter who lost over 80 pounds committing himself to the keto revolution for the last several years.  
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This particular landing page does not follow 90%+ of the landing pages you are used to seeing. As a part of this exercise and test, I was able to discover and develop a process that goes above and beyond what I envisioned... It's life-changing and here's the secret sauce behind my template:

Value, Structure, Sequence, & Message - Never Publish Yourself Without It

I'll say this over and over again:  Unless you apply the right market-user research and consumer-based psychology, you could be locked in a marketing budget and stuck with a campaign that goes almost nowhere. The break down of the Keto Tryouts landing page will be available once I launch my new blog, CopyJJ. (TBD on the launch date.)
Keto Tryouts landing page design and template screenshot

lead generation pdf

A low barrier to entry that establishes instant gratification is far easier to overcome then forcing readers to show off their own laziness

The Keto Tryouts Lead Generation PDF is an original design that was inspired by Hal Elrod, Amazon Bestseller and Author of The Miracle Morning and book series.  
In addressing instant gratification, I finally settled on putting together a simple morning and bedside ritual downloadable checklist. It's impulsive, action-oriented, and the results (as easy as the design may appear) can be calculated by doing the steps or following the examples.
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Price your value and make it near impossible to say "NO" to your offer

What is the value and/or cost of offering something for FREE? I had to think about this for a day or two. The missing puzzle piece happened to be something that costs me close to nothing to reproduce and still introduces another added-benefit to the end-user. The end result was a pre-designed sample and a blank document that gives the end-user the ability to modify or rename items and make a printed copy whenever they want.
We always need to ask ourselves: What is the desired outcome, transformation, or bigger picture I want to paint and presell to my customers?
Keto Tryouts lead generation pdf

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