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Too Many (Active) Clinical Trials Look Good on Paper But Lack Efforts to Educate & Enroll

Spaulding Clinical Research  is a Phase I clinical pharmacology unit and facility headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin. They conduct paid clinical trials and studies to help develop a marketplace for newer and safer drugs and medical treatments.

The Challenge

Executing (paid) clinical trials on-time and within budget for sponsors is a pressing concern and argument even with the right modern-day technology. Finding the right subjects (a.k.a. patients) is a top priority and often overbooking is not enough. What leads to a speedy enrollment and successful trial is complicated. Conditions need to be investigated and willing participants need to stay engaged by making the research public.

the solution

It’s important to let possible enrollees know everything that goes on about the clinical trial. Empathy and education will minimize the distance barriers between the initial stage of the study to improve his/her experience. A website that is simple and functional will help guide the end-user and may result in far less subjects dropping out early on--creating more awareness through email automation and producing the right marketing collateral.
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Extending research beyond results to simplicity beyond imagination and a user experience that is thoughtless and deliverable

Selected as the project leader for all-things web design and development related, I wanted to maximize the enrollment process with multiple entry points. In other words, I wanted to stack each section with new website properties and/or design enhancements, but make it easily accessible for the end-user to engage and perform simple functions.
Results:  Increased conversions up to 78% and grew the company's primary subject database by 22.2% over 2.5 years.
*Note:  The integrity of the site may have been compromised, and after three major revisions I no longer operate or manage any of the new rollouts, updates, and/or changes to the current website.
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Recently, the Federal Drug Administration turned to Spaulding Clinical to conduct a clinical trial to help validate whether or not certain ingredients in sunscreen products were safe or not. Once again, I was selected as the project leader from several C-level executives to report, publish, and summarize further trials and the clinical significance behind the findings by launching a separate domain and landing page.
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Enhance the look and feel of your website after you’ve written all your content first

I believe that striking the right balance can greatly impact the overall customer journey. As someone who used to build websites from scratch, I can offer you this as a parting gift:
“Strengthening someone’s decision to act now or later has everything to do with how you service your website, starting with how you construct your sitemap. Make it a true delight and an effortless experience for website visitors to navigate without a compass.”
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social media

Make your brand overwhelming and distracting to competitors with social media

Generate personalized connections and have real value-added conversations about your products ensuring that the focus is to give the audience a better perception of your brand messaging. Provide consistent feedback and meaningful insights. And facilitate the sharing of content to create stronger conversations and connections and get your followers actively involved.
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Be consistent with your branding with visual communication

Creative elements and consistent designs can set the tone/voice and create more reactive moments than plain text can do on its own. What would social media marketing and content development be like without the design thinking and user experience? Replace content marketing with content experience. Follow best practices in the footsteps of great brand leaders like Disney, Harley Davidson, and Google.
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marketing collateral

Any and all marketing collateral should follow a good mission statement 

When your mission statement is clearly defined, you have direction. More importantly, you have marketing collateral that translates well across all department heads and divisions within the company. There's no longer the need to switch up the messaging for your sales team, thereby eliminating unnecessary print costs and confusion with potential buyers.
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email welcome-series

A buyer-focused landing page will often get lost - Your audience is very smart and can easily decide if an email is SPAM or unworthy of being opened

The goal for part of FYZICAL's Workshop marketing campaign was to incorporate an email "welcome" series that would help new subscribers that came from the ClickFunnel's landing page get started and already engage the audience towards success. Together with some friendly open loops and cliffhangers to offer suspense, I had decided that one email would set this campaign apart from the rest. In trust, every product or service you offer to a new customer should start with an email engagement welcome-series:
*Note:  I don't have full display rights and the copyrights to legally show you the original emails that I wrote for this part of the project. With that said, I've decided to swap another project in its place that you will still be able to download and dissect the elements from. EXTENSIVE VALUE (my treat). 
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The Expectation Email: How important is it when creating your welcome-series?

It's a reusable asset that works great when you want to introduce a new product or service or maybe an additional software upgrade that requires more documentation to help users show off its true value. This email is great for setting the stage and/or expectations when you launch something new, like a LIVE Workshop or group coaching program. I've included this template as a separate download below:
download expectation email template
This is WAY overdo thank you for this! I don't think I ever replied since I've been in the midst of creating a lot of material. This is wonderful template and is much appreciated and of course well written!! I hope you’re well and thank you again!

Carla A. - Functional Medicine Practitioner / Health Coach
WELL Humans
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